Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Observed from a Different Point of View

What's wrong with this picture???

Memorial Day in America is a celebration for those who have served our Country in war and for those who lost their lives fighting for this Country and others. Many also observe other Memories, such as the death of a loved one whom died tragically. I lost a daughter 9 1/2 years ago in a auto accident. She was only 17. It was simply a tragedy due to icy and snowy roads. She was driving her own car alone, lost control and slid sideways into an oncoming SUV.

We lose countless teenagers every year due to this, but more deaths are to blame for driving while intoxicated. Memorial Weekend is one of America's busiest Holiday's. Every year thousands are killed on American Highways and Roads and most are due to intoxication. There is one right here in our local news... a 16 year old died yesterday.

I took this shot at one of our local Dirt Track Racing Facilities. The guy in the blue Toyota hat was not only drunk, he was showing his pride for my camera. The guy in the background holding a beer was so drunk he was bumping into people. They are all lined up at the beer concession and most don't wander too far from here for fear they may run dry.

Memorial Day celebration??? For many American's it's just another reason to get totally intoxicated... the kick off to summer in anticipation for The Fourth of July so they can do it all over again, and a few short weeks later Labor Day weekend ends the summer with more senseless death. It's a never ending vicious cycle.


Starla said...

This is totally sad. Sometimes it is just too scary to even leave your house during a holiday weekend. My dad works with a lot of people who don't come to work on their birthdays because they go out and get drunk. People look for any reason to drink.

Don and Sheryl said...

The sad part of this is that many look at racing fans this way.

Clance' said...

I agree with you and Don and Sheryl. Our country has gone brain dead where remebering history and why we are free at all.