Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our beloved Coco had to be put down last night. The poor little guy had developed a brain tumor. He was mainly my wife's. Those two were practically inseparable. Patty's heart is broken.

It was one of the hardest decisions but we had no choice.

Chase will miss him too and he was my "Little Buddy".

So sad we are... he was not even two years old and money is tight so I cannot buy Patty another pup. Miniature Pinn's are pricey little canines.

It's so unfair to my wife. She does nothing but help every one else. She spends most of her own life taking care of her sick mother and when she's not doing that she is taking care of the rest of us. Coco was her pride and joy and it's killing me to see her go through this pain.

So long Little Buddy. We love you!!

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Don and Sher said...

So sorry to here about your loss, family pets are just that, family.