Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Mist

It's been very cold lately as this shot of the Hudson River clearly shows.


rob ijbema said...

stunning as ussual mike

reyjr said...

2nd comment! Congrats on the NOTEWORTHY (yet cold! haha!) Blog.

I need a blanket. brrr....

warm greets from the Philippines.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! Very stunning. Congrats on being blog of note =D

aaendra said...

Very wonderful pictures, do you use any software such as Maya, SoftImage XSI, Bryce 3D to spruce the pictures up?

MaddieBrook said...

wow! Great pictures!

Kurt Clark said...

Dang...that's beautiful!

Dakota Bear said...

Fabulous pictures!

Anonymous said...

Nice Pictures

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photography... makes me happy I live in Florida though! brrrrrrrrrr ;o)

Helena said...

Now this is a true blog of note. Your images are beautiful. I'm gonna add this to my blog list.

Heather said...

Absolutely beautiful..

jobmaldives said...

Wow!!!. What a nice Blog? Really wonderful. Welldone. Keep it up.

Beth said...

Stunning photos!
Thanks for sharing them.

Roy Bishop said...

Great photos. Oklahoma is in the midst of a two day ice storm and I know if I look closely enough, there are a variety of photo opportunitites available.

prasetyo budi santoso said...

Awesome pictures!

Lawny said...

your photos would look great in this template i designed for free

Linda said...

Gorgeous winter shots!

Naomi said...

I love all the shades of blue you captured here as the fog hung near the ground. Beautiful image. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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Elaine Dale said...

Beautiful site! Visited your area in October - High Peaks Resort in Lake Placid, loved the area.

Dario said...

Amazing pictures...
It's a shame we don't get snow in Brazil.

Neil Bytes said...

Your pictures are awesome.

I may have to take a vacation up there.

ipa said...

Wonderful - Wonderful.

I love your pics and well done for being Blog Of Note.

Wish I had your talent.

R2K said...

New York is an incredible state.

Morgan Coy said...

Congrats on Blog of Note! Amazing skills!

@mazingAngel said...

Awsome pictures i like the Iced one hope u visit my blogg

Anonymous said...

I love looking AT snow but not being in it :P

Sam said...

Wow! Gorgeous photography.

care020 said...

Your photos are incredible!

Recipes for theLife said...

WOWWW!!!! such amazing pictures!!you are really really good!!wonderful

SRG said...

nice work!


very beautiful makes me want to go hiking there

Barbara said...

Great picture and yes that just screams very cold. Congrats on being on the Blogs Of Note list.

Philip Brightmore said...

Absolutely gorgeous pic!

If there's one thing I'll miss about winter when the polar ice caps melt, it will be these wonderful snow and fogscapes. Ah, memories.

Philip Brightmore
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http://internationalphotos.blogspot.com/ said...

great blog. my blog is similar. i see you

fren said...

just new here. 'got to accidentally stumble on your blog while doing some searches. and i admit i was mesmerized by all of your 'superb' shots.:)

The villager: said...

Super image.

Ulrike said...

Wow, and we're having a heatwave here! Your photos are beautiful. And congratulations for being Blog of Note!

Wear Me Jewels- said...

Your pictures are beautiful!

Tiny Dancer said...

I feel inspired. You take beautiful photos.

Ursula said...

Wow, so glad I found your blog, I'll be visiting often. Beautiful shot of cold.

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