Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good Girl

Chase is very obedient. We were out walking on the local Hudson River trail Sunday where many people take their dogs. Most are leashed but as you can see Chase has none. When we approach other people with dogs I simply tell her to "stay" and she obeys... although reluctantly. Here she is watching a Beagle go by and the Beagle is yapping at her. Chase almost seems to be smiling at him.


Lindsey said...


" New York law requires dogs to be confined or restrained at all times."

ALeks said...

Is this for real? Even if you are out in the woods?I would not like to be a dog with no freedom.
Chase is a clever beauty.

michael said...

Lindsey.... I appreciate your concern but I assure you that Chase would never and I mean never bite and the link you supplied is from a private law firm not a NY State website. There are not any laws pertaining to leashes unless posted. Chase runs free 99% of the time and generally while hiking in the Adirondacks.


This link shows the facts.

michael said...

Aleks... yes she does run free especially in the woods... she never wanders more than 100 feet and comes on command immediately