Thursday, February 26, 2009

Little Red Barn

I have a thing for shooting red barns in the winter.


Virginia S. Wood, PsyD said...

yes, well, and thanks to you I'm developing a "thing" for barns myself.

Verna said...

I love these photos. I have always said , "Give me a barn or a shed, and I'll make it a home". Wide open spaces with lots of room for projects.

Azure Islands Designs said...

I think it is the contrast of the red siding with the crisp snow...looks wonderful!


Sarah said...

...and I'm glad you do. This photo is great!


Dottie said...

Your Photos are beautiful your very talented and your Dog is beautiful. I have been following this blog for a few months now . I also have a blog .
stop by for a visit .I will stop back another time Gog Bless.