Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Blue Heron's are a common site here during the summer, but they are difficult to capture. The pond is on the property of the construction project I'm working on... the pond where Chase frolics all day chasing frogs to no avail.

It was around 7:00 am yesterday when I happened to look up from my work and saw this great bird... Chase did not see it.. lol. I was a good 100 yards away and my camera was 50 yards away in my truck with only a 128 mm on it. I had a 250 mm in the bag and was not only able to walk to the truck, but also switch lenses. It allowed me this one shot from 25 yards before it took flight.

Chase ?? Well she was still in the truck... <:


REG said...

Thanks for explaining how that shot happened. I always wonder how you manage to capture so many amazing things.

jiggins said...

BEAUTIFUL shot.. nice work!