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Chase just cannot get enough water

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Have a Berry nice day

Reg is so good about stopping by and leaving some very nice comments and on yesterday's post she stated she was glad I explained how I captured the Blue Heron. This prompted me to give some thought to what and where my thoughts are on any given shot I take. The Blue Heron was an obvious photo op but it's the not so obvious shots that got me to thinking. I've concluded that I'm wasting my time because I really have no clue.... I see things. My wife Pattyjo tells people that something could be right in front of her face and she sees nothing whereas I see it immediately. Just last week we were walking behind her mom's house and suddenly I was laying on my back taking a shot of the neighbors old red garage. She said..."what are you doing you nut... get off the ground"... She could not fathom why I was taking a shot of this building that she has seen her whole life... until she saw the photo. She was amazed that it was even there and how on earth did I see that and she hasn't in all these years... again I cannot answer this, but I suppose it may not be for me to understand or to question. I can only be grateful for the gift and continue to remain humble.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Blue Heron's are a common site here during the summer, but they are difficult to capture. The pond is on the property of the construction project I'm working on... the pond where Chase frolics all day chasing frogs to no avail.

It was around 7:00 am yesterday when I happened to look up from my work and saw this great bird... Chase did not see it.. lol. I was a good 100 yards away and my camera was 50 yards away in my truck with only a 128 mm on it. I had a 250 mm in the bag and was not only able to walk to the truck, but also switch lenses. It allowed me this one shot from 25 yards before it took flight.

Chase ?? Well she was still in the truck... <:

Thursday, July 2, 2009


It's been one day after another with these massive afternoon thunderstorms. That "wall" formation is solid rain. There are reports of areas receiving nearly 3" in a matter of an hour.
This photo taken on July 1st '09 is east of Saratoga Springs, NY