Thursday, June 7, 2018

It's Okay, Really it is

It's okay, really it is.  So often I see the term NOOB used in a negative manner meant to insult or intimidate someone new or less experienced.  Generally it's towards a casual investor like myself who really just wants to learn more about $XRP, Blockchain Tech or any of the many many mind boggling things associated with Cryptocurrencies.  It's not so much about DYOR... let's stop there for a moment... a NOOB may not know what the hell DYOR is and this is because well... they are new! It's important that we do "Do Your Own Research"...  it's okay to ask questions, really it is.

My own wife Patty is new to $XRP and the #XRPCommunity and if you know Patty you know she's not afraid to ask questions.  She was called a NOOB not too long ago and she was so new that she had to ask me what does NOOB mean.  When I told her she then felt insulted. and well, intimidated too.  I assured her it's okay and to blow it off, but without me here to explain Patty may have backed right off of her Twitter account for fear of being judged.  She didn't of course and has since made many friends within the #XRPCommunity and has become both respected and loved.

I personally enjoy helping the newcomers.  I'm not Tech savvy nor do I try to be.  I'm a casual investor with the every day struggles of life running a business and trying to make ends meet. When I bought my first bit of $XRP I knew very little about it or #Ripple but enough to know I wanted to be part of it.  I read, read, and read more,  Watched endless videos and read more. I still do.  I can comfortably say I've learned a tremendous amount about it all in the past year, but that's me and it's what I've always done when I latch on to something.  We are not all like this and it's okay, really it is.

This whole Blockchain, Distributed Ledger thing is also new and like us it's going through growing pains but without us, the casual investor, it will not survive.  So the next time some moron calls you a NOOB be proud of it. Keep asking questions, keep making friends and have fun. It's okay !!