Monday, March 10, 2008

All Natural'

Last night's sunset.

The light! This image is not post-processed. Although I do have my in-camera setting "Sharpness" up one click for Landscape shots. I am not into the Photoshopped stuff, although an HDR image can be outstanding if done right. The light, whether it be natural or artificial is what makes a good or bad photo. With todays software technology, a little practice and about $700.00 for Adobe CS3, anyone can make a lousy photo look good. I don't even own CS3 or CS2, but I do have Elements 6 which I use for basic editing and organizing. CS3 or perhaps it'll be #4 is in my future but for use in Wedding photos mainly. Landscape photography should remain as natural as possible, IMO, and learning to use Mother Nature's light can make even a simple photo like this look wonderful.

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