Thursday, March 13, 2008

Noble Girl

"Chase" is my first Golden Retriever. I have had Yellow Labrador's, a Sheltie, a German Shepherd and a few mutts as well. My Lab's were wonderful, but one was
killed by a car and the other died at 6 with stomach cancer. The German Shepherd I had as a boy and she was awesome, although very protective of me to the point of aggression towards anyone who got close to me. My mother decided I could not keep her. The Shetland Sheepdog {Sheltie} was incredibly intelligent and loyal. I was very ill 7 years ago and I had to give her to a friend where she still lives, but at 11 years old.

A year ago I decided I wanted another companion. I came across the private breeder of these incredibly beautiful Golden Retriever's right here in New York State. Chase's heritage is one of Royalty. She comes from a long line of Western Europe Champion Bloodlines. Her grandfather is a Belgian 7 time international Champion on her fathers side and there are many Champions throughout her Pedigree most of whom are in Belgium, England and Germany on both her Sire and Dam's sides.

She is my pet and not an object of show or for puppy breeding. She's Royal alright... a Royal pain in my arse!! But she is still a baby at 10 months and very, very intelligent. So much so it's a little scary. She is turning into a wonderful dog.


Don and Sheryl said...

She is beautiful

Starla said...

I love Chase, she is so beautiful. Shelties are great dogs too. My neighbor has one. He let me take care of her for a couple of weeks last summer. She is a great dog and she is so smart too.

Tom Sheehan said...

Just looking at Chase I can tell she's wonderful. Animals are such a big part of our families. A very nice photo. Give Chase a pat for me. :)

Lu said...

awwww what an adorable picture! great shot!