Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rusty Relic

Occasionally I try different things with a number of different image editing software I have. It's fun to play around to see what effects can make a photo more interesting. This is a good example of what was otherwise a very boring shot.


Don and Sheryl said...

That's what is great about digital. We shoot RAW so we have the orignal and a JPEG and then we play and that is where the fun is with cropping, or whatever.
The picture on my blog with the blue trees I have cleaned up even more by taking editing it in Photoshop by eracing some blue specs in the snow on a print I made yesterday.

Which tower is this the old Chase Bag in Moreau?

Starla said...


michael said...

exactly right Don...old Chase bag. A friend of mine has a glass shop there and I took this shot standing in the back parking lot