Saturday, January 12, 2008


This is only one of many wonderful lakes located in and around the Adirondack Mountains. Most are peppered with small islands and many of them are accessible state land. This shot has been software altered to "Up" the saturation a tad. That brought out the cloud reflections on the ice. It won many awards recently in, ...but a slightly different version.

Cossayuna Lake... she is shallow and loaded with large mouth bass. It's an extremely popular bass fishing lake and this time of the year it is loaded with ice fishing shanties. Unfortunately the very overpowering weed, Millfoil, got into the lake and it has to be aggressively dredged and dragged by machinery. Millfoil is a threat to many small northeastern lakes.


Ryan Newman Fan said...

Great pics Michael. I am now a subscriber! My fiance really likes them as well!!


rob ijbema said...

love the pink clouds
we've got lakes like that here in wales,sooo nice